20th May 2021Annual Parish meeting 7pm Freathy Sports and Social ClubSt John Annual Parish Council Agenda May 20th May 2021
20th May 2021Parish Meeting Freathy Sports and Social Club 7.30pmSt John PC Agenda 20th May 2021 meeting
15-Apr-21Parish MeetingSt John PC Agenda 15th April 2021 meetingMinutes 15th April 2021 meeting
08-Dec-20Parish Meeting St John PC Agenda Dec 8th 2020 meetingMinutes 8th Dec 2020 meeting
13-Aug-2020Parish Meeting St John PC Agenda August 2020 meetingDraft Minutes 13th Aug 2020 meeting
20-Feb-20Parish MeetingSt John PC Agenda 20th Feb 2020 meetingMinutes 20th Feb 2020 meeting
3-Dec-2019Parish MeetingSt John PC Agenda 5th Dec 2019 meetingMinutes 5th Dec 2019 meeting
17- Oct- 19Parish MeetingSt John PC Agenda 17th Oct 2019 Minutes 17th Oct 2019 meeting
10-May-19Parish Meeting 16th May 2019 Minutes 16th May 2019 
10-May-19Agm16th May 2019Draft Minutes  Annual Meeting 16th  May 2019
24-Feb-19Parish Meeting28th Feb 2019Minutes 28th Feb 2019 
06-Dec-2018Parish Meeting

St John PC Agenda 15th Nov 2018 meeting

(meeting delayed to 6th December)

St John PC Minutes 6th Dec 2018 meeting
27-Sep-2018Parish MeetingSt John PC Agenda 27th Sept 2018 meeting Minutes St John 27th Sept 2018
24-May-2018AGMSt John Annual Parish Council Agenda May 24th 2018Minutes St John Annual Parish Council May 24th 2018
24-May-2018Parish MeetingSt John PC Agenda 24th May 2018 meetingMinutes of St John PC 24th May 2018
01-Feb-2018Parish MeetingPC Agenda 1st Feb 2018 meetingApproved Minutes 1st Feb 2018
16-Nov-17Parish MeetingNOVEMBER 2017Minutes 16th Nov 2017  
07-Sep-17Parish MeetingSEPTEMBER  2017Minutes 7th Sept 2017
01-May-17AgmMAY 2017Minutes Annual meeting 18th May 2017
01-May-17Parish MeetingMAY 2017Minutes 18th May 2017
01-Mar-17Parish meeting FEBRUARY 2017Minutes February 2017
01-Nov-16Parish MeetingNOVEMBER 2016Minutes November 2016
01-Sep-16Parish MeetingSEPTEMBER 2016Minutes Sept 2016
01-Nov-15Parish Meeting19th Nov 2015Minutes 19th Nov 2015
01-Sep-15Parish Meeting3rd September 2015Minutes 3rd September 2015