St John Parish Council covers the settlements of St John village and Freathy/Tregonhawke, as well as the farms and businesses within the overall parish.

The population of the parish is approximately 400 people, and the parish is the smallest parish council in Cornwall.

The boundaries of the parish are shown on the map presented on this website.

The Parish Council owns no assets, and is responsible for the upkeep of the public footpaths shown on the parish map.

The local Cornwall County Councillor responsible for the parish is George Trubody.

St John PC works closely with the other four parishes on the Rame Peninsula (Millbrook, Sheviock, Antony and Maker with Rame) with several initiatives driven by the “Cluster” of parishes including the Rame Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Community Fund

The parish receives an annual Community Fund of £3000 each year from British Solar Renewables in respect of the Freathy Solar Farm,

This annual sum is managed by the St John Parish Council and will be used on behalf of the Community.

If you have any ideas for using this funding, then you are invited to add your suggestions on the Contact Us page of this website.

If you do this then we would request that you give as much detail as possible and also say whether you could assist the PC in implementing your idea.

All suggestions will be considered at the next meeting of the Community Fund Committee.

Click here for the minutes of the last meeting,

Draft Minutes St John Solar Community Fund Sub 190319

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Rame Peninsula NDP has now been approved at the 4th May Referendum.

The documentation is available on the website


Chairman’s Annual Report for 2017/2018

Neighbourhood Development Plan

In the 2017/18 reporting year the Rame Neighbourhood Development Plan was approved by approximately 86% of the 55% of the Peninsula that voted. This is a hugely significant achievement for the people of the peninsula as it sets policies which will go a long way to protecting us from inappropriate development.


Planning applications have been particularly light with no large or controversial schemes this year. There have been planning applications for reconstruction of some chalets at Freathy which we have successfully objected to, although one of the developers is going to appeal.

We have been pleased to see the sale of the St John Inn go through this year. This has been welcomed by the village; the new owners have had a great deal of local support. The Parish Council hopes that the Inn will continue to prosper, and did not object to the ownership of the cottage being separated from that of the Inn


It is becoming evident that spending cuts are increasingly affecting the environmental services provided by Cornwall County. It has been difficult to get the actions requested by us, particularly in respect of highways and drainage.

We have had some success with signage improvements in St John village but have had to agree to fund further improvements ourselves. In the current economic climate the PC will be forced to spend more itself on environmental improvements. We have had some potholes filled but await detailed survey on the drainage deficiencies on the main road past Mark’s cottage.

We have continued to liaise with both the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the Woodland Trust in respect of woodland management and access improvements to Benskin’s Wood.  We have funded materials for new access steps down by the ford and the work was undertaken by willing volunteers.

We discussed with Antony Estates the possibility of a new footpath from Efford Bridge to Antony Village but decided it was impractical for various reasons.

Community Fund

In 2015 we signed an agreement with British Solar Renewables (Freathy Solar Park) in respect of an annual Community Fund of £3083, over 25 years. The third annual payment has been made and a Community Fund Committee has met to determine allocation of the income to various local community projects within the Parish. Last year we donated £1000 For the St John defibrillator as well as payments for footpath improvements, and donations to the Freathy Sports and Social Club. 

Communications and Transparency

The St John PC website went live in May 2016, enabling us to comply with the Government’s Transparency policy, as well as serving as an online platform for the other community interests. This year we have made improvements to raise awareness and interest in both the parish council and the community aspects of the site. In particular we have set out a more efficient layout of PC documents and with basic information on current planning applications.

We have tried to raise the general awareness by parishioners into our work on their behalf, particularly in respect of any controversial planning applications or proposals. We have done this by contributing each month into the St John Newsletter which itself has been re-vamped to provide more information to parishioners, both in respect of the PC and the community interests.

Parish Clerk

This has been the first year when we have had the services of our new Clerk, Mrs Caroline Allen.

We have been delighted with our new Clerk’s approach and efficiency, particularly with improved documentation and accounting.

Mrs Allen has been undergoing health treatment this year and we wish her all the best for a speedy recovery.