St John Parish Council

St John Parish Council covers the settlements of St John village and Freathy/Tregonhawke, as well as the farms and businesses within the overall parish.

The population of the parish is approximately 400 people, and the parish is one of the smallest in Cornwall.

The boundaries of the parish are shown on the map presented on this website.

The Parish Council owns no land assets, and is responsible for the upkeep of the public footpaths shown on the parish map, as well as the memorial garden in St John.

The local Cornwall County Councillor responsible for the parish is Kate Ewert..

St John PC works closely with the other four parishes on the Rame Peninsula (Millbrook, Sheviock, Antony and Maker with Rame) with several initiatives driven by the “Cluster” of parishes including the Rame Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Community Fund

The parish receives an annual Community Fund of £3000 each year from British Solar Renewables in respect of the Freathy Solar Farm,

This annual sum is managed by the St John Parish Council and will be used on behalf of the Community.

If you have any ideas for using this funding, then you are invited to add your suggestions on the Contact Us page of this website.

If you do this then we would request that you give as much detail as possible and also say whether you could assist the PC in implementing your idea.

All suggestions will be considered at the next meeting of the Community Fund Committee.

Click here to see the last minutes of the Community Fund Committee,

Draft minutes Solar Committee meeting 15th April 2021

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Rame Peninsula NDP was approved at the local Referendum.

The documentation is available on the website


Chairman’s Annual Report for 2022/23

It has been a generally quiet year, we have moved forward with some initiatives and we have been fairly busy dealing with planning applications in St John, Freathy and Tregonhawke.

We have continued to manage our finances prudently, but various costs this year has necessitated a 5.9% increases to the Council Tax precept for 2023/2024.
Our finances have an end of year balance of approximately £4,000 (excluding the Solar Fund account).

We have dealt with several planning applications for chalet improvements/rebuilds at Freathy and Tregonhawke. There is a growing trend of non-residential owners submitting redevelopment plans that are contrary to the special planning conditions (Article 4). Furthermore, the proposed designs are not appropriate in terms of size and appearance, and would harm the unique nature of these settlements. Consequently, we have objected to several controversial proposals for chalet re-builds.
We have also objected to any further hot tubs for reasons of health and safety as well as water consumption and safe discharges on unstable cliffs.

There have been several planning applications in St John, including Vanderbans, Brimbles and St John Inn, none of which we have objected to, although we were neutral on the St John Inn application for a new holiday building as we had concerns as to foul drainage proposals on an already developed site.

We have continued with proper transparency with updates to our parish website, bulletins in the local newsletters and improved notice board coverage. We intend to fund a new notice board for Tregonhawke this year.
We endeavour to be transparent and we encourage open and public opportunity for discussion of planning applications.

We have been active on many issues in the parish in the last year.
We have obtained a grant, and together with some PC contribution, have purchased a bus shelter to serve Tregonhawke. This is useful for both residents and visitors to our lovely cliffs.
We are pleased to report that double yellow line parking restrictions are now being completed at Trangantle, and together with SW Coastal Path improvements, safe access to the beach can now be enabled without the dangerous street parking which has prevented safe access for emergency services (and buses) to reach the cliffside communities. We also understand that parking charges in the Tregantle car park have been reduced.

We have pushed CC for new signage at Tregonhawke and this has now been completed.
We continue to use Green Thumb to improve grass quality at the memorial garden, and this is certainly a vast improvement to the weeds which predominated there.
We have undertaken some work to the “turning area” by the ford, (after liaison with Wildlife Trust) and the rather sad muddy area is somewhat improved, we are monitoring the situation and hope to make further improvements.

Memorial Garden
Our only property responsibility is the memorial garden in St John, and we have continued to maintain this through gardening and stone cleaning, and I would like to again thank Cllr Everard for his special efforts in this regard. Our Christmas Tree will now continue to be supplemented by our new floodlights illuminating the church tower.

Solar Fund
We have continued to receive regular £3000 contributions, each January, from British Solar Renewables and are delighted that we continue to be able to fund local community projects. The fund in 2023 will be used to improve the community facilities in Freathy.

Section 137 Donations etc
We have donated £150 to the Rame Community Fund and £152 towards the St John Defibrillator costs. We have also made £250 donations to both St John and Freathy in respect of both the Jubilee and Coronation celebrations. We were also pleased to host invited guests to St John village hall for the formal reading of the Proclamation of the King’s accession, with refreshments provided.

You should be aware, as it will be recorded on the CC website that a complaint of professional misconduct was lodged against your Chairman in December by a St John resident, this was fully investigated by CC’s Legal and Governance department, which found No Case to Answer.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all councillors, and especially Roy Hoskin who has attended many external meetings and who ably supports all initiatives in Freathy. I am delighted that John Tanner and Ben Crane have so willingly contributed their time towards engineering a younger PC team.
I would as always like to thank Caroline for the solid, outstanding service she has given as Clerk, and Cllr. Kate Ewert who has given the parish much support over the last two years.

Derek Richards

 Achievements over the past five years

Achievements in St John and Freathy that councillors have been responsible for over the past several years have included taking an active role in developing theRame Neighbourhood Development Plan, and the Rame Traffic Studies, involving liaison with Cornwall County, Antony, Sheviock, Maker with Rame and Millbrook PCs (Rame Cluster parishes).

They have pursued Cornwall County (and Cormac) on flooding and road cleaning, speeding, parking problems (along Military Road), dealt with planning applications (successfully supporting all those in St John Village and most of the chalet developments in Freathy), supporting two major solar farms whilst successfully objecting to two overpowering proposed wind turbine developments in our parish. They have liaised with CC Planning Enforcement regardingunauthorised development, including serious flooding failure of an unauthorised dam.

To aide transparency they have set up and maintained your new parish websiteand created new noticeboards in St John and Freathy. They have provided sound financial management enabling a freeze to the Precept on your Council Tax for several years and arranged donations on your behalf to many local charities.

Your Councillors have successfully negotiated a funding agreement with British Solar Renewables granting the community £3000 pa, and allocated this funding to a range of projects, from defibrillators to improvements to footpaths, improvements to Freathy and St John community halls, St John church etc.

The Councillors have enabled the upgrading of our local infrastructure including footpaths, steps, styles etc and annual vegetation clearing, new finger post, bus shelters, and new road signage covering speeding and Neighbourhood Watch in St John, Clearway signage on Military Road, yellow lines in Freathy and significant upgrading and maintenance of our War Memorial garden (PC’s only physical land asset) and improvements to St John Church graveyard and drainage. The Councillors are responsible for winter gritting, and this past winter have endeavoured to lift morale during this difficult period with two new Christmas tree displays, both in our St John Memorial Garden and in Freathy village.

In order to maintain our wonderful environment, the councillors liaise with The Wildlife Trust and The Woodlands Trust in respect of woodland management and have physically worked with them in clearing woodland.

Most of this work has been undertaken by Councillors themselves, including physical work in the parish environment, in many cases assisted by ad-hoc working groups where time has been willingly given by parishioners, effort for which is extremely appreciated.