Our beautiful hall is equipped with a wooden floor ideal for dancing, (but no stilettos allowed) and has a stage, extensive coloured LED lighting including a glitter-ball, and a new professional sounds system.

The hall can accomodate up to 100 persons depending on the type of function.

If you wish to hire our hall and garden, maybe for a party, wedding, meeting etc.,here’s what to do…..

If you have a date in mind you can check whether the hall is available on the Calendar here on the right,( or if you are viewing on your mobile scroll down to the calendar).

If there is no event, meeting or function on your date then the hall is available.

Should you wish to make an enquiry then please send an e mail to the Secretary

Mrs Emma Tanner, at


and a copy to susan@huke.co.uk

Please give as much information as possible including details of your proposed function, numbers, times etc. and your telephone number.

You will receive a response and arrangements can be made for you to view the hall.

If you do not receive a response, have a query or do not have access to e mail then please call Emma

on 01752 829230 evenings only.

Click below to see the application form for hiring the hall,

St John Village Trust – Hire Form(5)

Click below to see our Terms of Hire before making a firm booking

St John Village Trust – Terms & Conditions of Hire(5)

Please note that our hall is beautiful wooden building that is nearly one hundred years old, and no smoking is allowed under any circumstances.

Our Fire Safety policy is:-

St John Village Trust – Fire Safety Policy